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D.VICE Guarantee

All products that we sell come with our consumer guarantee/warranty. When choosing your sex toy, check out the guarantee information in the item description as it differs between brands and you can pretty much guarantee, the longer the warranty, the better quality the sex toy. For health and safety reasons we are unable to refund or replace due to a change of mind, even if you have not used the toy, so please choose carefully.

If you have a problem with your sex toy, we want to hear from you! Knowing what works and what does not, helps us to make decisions about what products to stock in the future. At D.VICE we are striving to provide good quality toys that give you pleasure and enjoyment AND are reliable and long lasting.

Help your sex toys to last longer
You can improve the life of your toys by keeping them clean, storing them well and for vibrators, by removing the batteries each time after using your toy. Batteries can corrode over time or if exposed to moisture, even if they are not used in water, so take them out afteruse and you will likely get more life out of your sex toy.
If your items does not come with specific information about using it under water, do not use it in water as it will not qualify for the warranty if there is water damage.

To qualify for the guarantee, you must have proof of purchase and the product must be within the warranty period. (The exception to this is D.VICE made silicone products that have the 10 year guarantee, we do not expect you to keep a receipt for 10 years, provided we can identify the product as made by D.VICE, we will accept returns without a receipt. (D.VICE made silicone products have unique designs and colours).

What to do if you have a problem with your toy

  • First to check that your toy is still within the warrantee period and covered by the guarantee information as per below.
  • If you have a issue and believe your toy may be faulty, we recommend following some problem solving steps to start. Check the batteries are in the correct way, replace the batteries or recharge your toy. Contact us either via email or call one of the store. The friendly staff will ask you a few questions to see if they resolve the issue.
  • You will need to provide proof of purchase unless otherwise stated as above (D.VICE silicone toys only)
  • Return the toy to your local store, the location it was sent from or
  • In New Zealand 32/369 Adelaide Rd, Newtown, Wellington.
  • In Australia 3/2-4 Bridge Rd, Richmond, Vic 3121.
  • We will get our technicians to test your toy and get back to you within 5 working days of receiving the faulty product, with a solution. Provided the item is within the warranty period,  and you have proof of purchase, if we find a fault with your toy, we will replace it or offer you another product of equivalent value.
  • If your product is faulty, we will return a replacement to you via courier, free of charge, if you are unable to come to a store to collect it.

Did you know that D.VICE make a range of quality sex gear? All these products are locally made in our small factory, and the D.VICE factory team have strict quality control measures. for that reason we are able to offer excellent guarantees on D.VICE made products.

Many of our suppliers do not offer manufacturing guarantees, so we carry the cost of this ourselves. Exception to this are; all German made Fun Factory vibrators and Lelo, a Swedish designed range who offer a 12 month gurantee on all their vibrators, the same guarantee you get on you IPod, Mobile phone or electrical goods...We're excited, hope you are too!

Here are the guarantee periods, worth considering when making your selection

  • All D.VICE silicone dildos and butt plugs hold a 10 year guarantee against wear and tear. We don't expect you to keep the receipt on these ones - our toys are easy to identify. Keep you silicone toys away from sharp implements (damage by dog is the most common cause of dildo destruction), and if you are boiling for 3 minutes make sure the pot doesnt boil dry as we do not cover these things in the guarantee.
  • D.VICE harnesses are expected to last well. Leather will always last the longest. If stitching comes undone or a button falls off, we will fix it for you free of charge.
  • All Fun Factory vibrators have a 12 month guarantee and for those with a cap with a cap, there is a lifetime a lifetime guarantee on the cap. If this is the problem with your Fun Factory toy, we will replace the cap for free, even though the toy may be outside the warranty period.
  • All Lelo vibrators hold a 12 month warranty, you MUST keep the Lelo warranty booklet which has a unique serial number, along with proof of purchase from D.VICE, in order for your warranty to be valid.
  • The We-Vibe range has a 12 month warranty.
  • Vibrators over $100 hold a 60 day warranty - you must return your toy for testing by the tech team before we can replace your toy.
  • Vibrators under $100 hold a 30 day warranty.

Not covered by guarantee

  • For health and safety reasons, we are unable to replace or refund due to a change of mind, so please choose carefully.
    When you purchase online the transaction occurs immediately and due to the secure encryption of the shopping cart, we do not receive your credit cart details and are not able to refund if you have changed your mind. 
  • Using a non compatible lubricant with your sex toy. D.VICE only sells lubricant that is compatible with all sex toys (unlerss otherwise stated), we are not able to guarantee products that have been damaged by lubricants that are not recommended. Most of our products will state which lubricant to use, always check the label if you did not purchase your lubricant from D.VICE.
  • Batteries. Even though some vibrators are splashproof, you must still remove the batteries after use as indicated in the information provided to prevent condensation. Corrosion of batteries causing damage to your toy, due to water damage or due to leaving them in the vibrator is not covered by the guarantee. As recommended in the product description, we recommend removing the batteries after use with all vibrators. always use the batteries recommended as more powerful styles such as Energiser, can reduce the life of your toy and are no covered by the warrantee.
  • Waterproof vibrators. Very few vibrators are fully submergible, though many are splashproof. Unfortunately some products have misleading packaging. If a vibrator is splashproof or submergible, this information is provided in the description, please read this carefully as toys that have been submerged are not covered by the guarantee unless clear information is provided with your toy that it states that they can be submerged.

The guarantee is not a satisfaction guarantee. We do thorough testing of toys before making decisions about what to offer up for sale. however we all work differently. We recommend perservering with your toy as many styles get better with use. Also we recommend you read the description and the customer product reviews. If you don't have a good time with your toy, write a review, we post them both good and bad.

We hope you have a great experience with you toys.

Ema & Wendy



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