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anal toys

  • vibrating anal toys

    Add the intensity of vibration to your anal pleasuring with any of these anal vibrators. Designed specifically for anal play, they are safe to use and can be used with the vibration on or off.

  • silicone buttplugs

    Silicone buttplugs are sensational for anal play, flexible, safe and easy to clean, choose your silicone buttplug from beginner to more experienced player. Silicone butt plugs are non porous and do not absorb body fluids.

  • prostate massagers

    For mind blowing orgasms, these sex toys for men are designed for prostate and perineum massage, stimulating the control centres of pleasure for men. Regular prostate massage is important for prostate health and incredibly stimulating.


  • enemas & anal relaxants

    Enema's or douches are not essential but are designed for gently washing out the anus for a cleaner feel. Anal muscle relaxants effectively prevent muscle spasm, ensuring penetration is more comfortable. Always use plenty of lubricant during anal sex.

Anal sex can be pleasurable for both men and women! The tissue of the anus is incredibly sensitive and responsive to stimulation. For men stimulating the prostate gland through the anal wall can result in mind blowing orgasms! Both women and men can have a fabulous time with toys designed for safe anal play.

The key to pleasurable anal sex for beginners, is taking your time, using plenty of lubricant and a toy designed specifcally for safe anal play, such as a silicone buttplug can be a great place to start. Begin with a small toy and work your way up if you find the sensations pleasurable.

For those struggling to relax those sphincter muscles we recommend using natural muscle relaxants as well as lube, lube and more lube to take the "ouch" out of what can be an enjoyable and intensely stimulating experience.

We have selected a range of stimulating and safe to use sex toys for beginners through to experienced bum fun aficianados, take your time shopping and for more information about pleasurable anal exploration check out the D.VICE magazine 'how to' books & DVD's.


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