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  • waterbased lubricants

    Water based lubricants are compatible with sex toys and condoms and is great for sex. You can make your choice from hypo-allergenic, natural preservative, certified organic or any of the carefully selected waterbased lubricant styles.

  • silicone lubricants

    Silicone lubricants are light, non sticky and hard wearing. You need only a small amount for a smooth and slippery feel. If using with a silicone sex toy, check the description to ensure it is compatible with silicone toys. Silicone lubricant is very popular for anal play.

  • organic lubricants

    These certified organic lubricants are made from plant based extracts and are either water-based or made from natural oils

A sexual lubricant is like the oil in your car, essential and discreet. Sexual lubricant increases sensation and reduces friction making all sex more pleasurable and comfortable and is must when using sex toys and for anal sex. Many men and women experience intense discomfort during anal sex due to lack of lubrication, and the sensitive membranes must be lubricated to prevent damage and to make anal sex FUN! If you are a woman who has had cervical surgery, hysterectomy or is going through menopause, lubricant will replace your depleted natural lubricant.

You can choose from quality water-based lubricants including lubes with a natural preservative such as Probe, 100% organic lube such as Bonk or Intimate Organics, or gently warming Pjur and caffeine infused Pjur Espresso. D.VICE also offers silky and hard wearing silicone lubricants and a hybrid that is compatible with silicone sex toys - LubeXXX.

At D.VICE we have done hours of product testing and only sell lubricants that have performed well and that we get good customer feedback on. We stock predominantly hypo-allergenic lubricants and avoid those with colours or sugars as these can cause thrush in both men and women. Ever get that stingy feeling from your lubricant? Time to change to a quality, hypo-allergenic lubricant brand.

We welcome your feedback about the sexual lubricants we sell and if you haven't tried sex with lubricant yet...we highly recommend it.


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