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Lubexxx Silicone & Waterbased Lubricant

Lubexxx Silicone & Waterbased Lubricant

5 stars out of 5


Product information

  • LubeXXX is a blended silicone lubricant and is essential for everyone's bedside table.
  • A hard-wearing, fragrance free, ultra-sensitive lubricant that is non-greasy, won't stain and never dries 'sticky'.
  • Suitable for men and women; vaginal and anal play.
  • LubeXXX is latex-compatible (so safe to use with your latex condoms!)
  • Most silicone lubricants are incompatable with silicone toys, which is what makes LubeXXX such an essential lubricant - it's totally safe for use with all your D.VICE 100% silicone dildos and buttplugs, as well as any other silicone sex toys (including Fun Factory, We-Vibe and Lelo).
  • We recommend LubeXXX for anal play.

Product id: #5636

customer reviews

  • 5 " stars out of 5

    Lubexxx Silicone & Water-based Lubricant;)This is the perfect lube. As advertised, it doesn't get sticky and a little bit goes a long way. Great stuff.
    - Female. 30s. I love my toys and like trying new ones.

  • 5 " stars out of 5

    LubeXXX Silicone & Water-based Lubricant;) Really enjoyed how it's long lasting, not messy, doesn't stain sheets, not really scented or anything. It does gradually fade away so you have to reapply but that's ok. It's good for a while, but for a long time you need a bit more. With toys it's fine, sex is good, not really substantial enough for anal, doesn't taste bad. it's nice for enhancing whatever you're doing.
    - Female. 20s. I'm pretty savvy.

  • 5 " stars out of 5

    Lubexxx Silicone & Water-based Lubricant;) I've had mixed experiences with lubes in the past, but really like this one. It doesn't dry out quickly and you don't need much for it to go a long way. I love that it can be used with different toys, even silicone ones and it definitely makes for more comfortable sex. Can't fault this lube!
    - Female. 30s. I love my toys and like trying new ones.

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more product information

  • Materials: Skin friendly

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