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massage & libido enhancer

  • libido enhancers

    Libido enhancers can improve your orgasmic response and desire and speed up your sexual arousal. In men they can improve the firmness of your erection, enhance your stamina and performance, and  assist with premature ejaculation or impotence issues.

  • massage oils

    Massage can be both erotic and relaxing. Take your pick from traditional quality massage oils and edible warming styles.

Here you will be able to choose from libido lifting and sexually stimulating clitoral arousal gels and performance enhancing herbal supplements for both women and men. With today's stresses and health pressures desire and performance can be affected in both women and men. We have done the testing for you, so you can be confident these products are both effective and safe to use, provided you read the health and dosage information correctly.

  • D.VICE has chosen brands that have a good reputation and do not contain banned substances such as cialis or viagra. Some brands of herbal performance enhancers can take a longer time to take effect than a prescription version, they are effective and many of our customers find that the effects of the products lasts 24 to 48 hours.

  • For men you can expect to achieve erection more easily and you should find that your recovery time is quicker. If you have ED issues we suggest you try a combination of erection pills, penis pump and cock rings to improve your responsiveness long term. Ask our friendly team or contact us to receive FREE information about naturally improving your erectile function.

  • Women tend to respond differently to men around desire and libido and building up the right natural elements in your system combined with effective clitoral arousal gels seems to be of greatest benefit helping women to maintain or ignite their sexual desire

  • For a sensuous experience there are massage oils, including D.VICE Love Oil and Heavenly edible warming massage oils. Massage can be a gorgeous start to lovemaking so indulge your lover today!


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