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Smartballs Uno For Toning Pelvic Floor

Smartballs Uno For Toning Pelvic Floor

4 stars out of 5


  • We recommend this lube with this toy.

Product information

  • You may have heard about the pelvic floor balls from Fifty Shades of Grey, Smart Balls are the quality version and are the safe alternative to the 'silver duo balls' and are made from medical grade silicone.
  • Smart Balls offer stronger orgasms, improved pelvic floor strength and confidence for women who have lost it as a result of bladder weakness (very common as a result of having pregnancy, inheited factors and aging).
  • SmartBalls Uno are a smart and easy solution for women and ideal for beginners
  • It does require an initial period of repeated use to enjoy the benefits. 
  • Your pelvic floor muscles will develop muscle tone over time whilst you use the balls.
  • It will take a number of weeks to notice a difference, especially if you have recently given birth or have bladder weakness issues. 
  • Do not despair if you find it difficult to hold the SmartBalls in the first few times you use them, this will improve quite quickly
  • All Smart Balls will be sent out with step by step intructions on how to use them.
  • Believe me it gets easier with practise! The Smart Balls Uno weigh 36gms, half the weight of the Smart Ball Duo balls and are 36mm wide.
  • The Smartballs are inserted vaginally and move or rest on the pelvic floor muscles giving you an inner workout. All you have to do is pop them inside and the SmartBalls and your body will do the rest!
  • SmartBalls can be worn as you go about your daily routine, sitting, standing or exercising. Simply remove when lying down
  • FIND OUT MORE about whether you need to use SmartBalls and how to use them.
  • If you have questions about using SmartBalls and pregnancy, we've answered them in this customer question.

SmartBalls are not suitable for use during pregnancy and can be used at least 6 weeks after giving birth. For pregnant we recommend Natratone

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customer reviews

  • 5 " stars out of 5

    Smartballs Uno For Toning Pelvic Floor ;) I'm finding the Uno ball very easy to use, and has really helped out with a long orgasm too, amazing, I was skeptical at first but I'm a believer now.
    - Female. 30s. I'm pretty savvy.

  • 5 " stars out of 5

    Smartballs Uno For Toning Pelvic Floor:) I have owned this product for a couple of months now and have noticed a excellent improvement. My sensations have really improved down there. I really feel the difference when my husband is inside me too. They are excellent I am going to buy the double set this month. Thank u device.
    - Female. 30s. I'm new to toys.

  • 2 " stars out of 5

    Smartballs Uno For Toning Pelvic Floor:) I bought this about a week ago and I find I can hold it in quite easily but when I go to the toilet and push, it pops out. Not sure what to do about that. Reply from D.VICE; this take a little bit of practise and as you g more control of your pelvic floor muscles, you will be able to hold the balls in and go to the toilet.
    - Female. 40s. I'm pretty savvy.

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tips for use

  • Apply a little waterbased lubricant prior to inserting your Smartball Uno
  • Wear around home initially so you get used to the sensation and are comfortable
  • For the first 4 to 5 times of use you will have to actively squeeze, so wear for short periods of time. Once your muscle memory kicks in, your pelvic floor muscles will automatically close to hold the balls in. Gradually increase the amount of time you wear them for
  • Once you can hold them in with ease, aim to wear your Smartball Duo all day (5 to 10 hours per day) for a period of 6-8 weeks to provide a focused inner workout
  • Once you have regained pelvic floor strength wear a few days per fortnight for maintenance
  • The stronger your pelvic floor muscles the stronger your orgasmic response!
  • If the cord is uncomfortable, we recommend applying a little lubricant and inserting in the vagina so it is out of the way.


more product information

  • Materials: Phthalate Free, Skin friendly, 100% Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Weight: 42grams
  • Warranty: 12 Month Warranty
  • G-spot information

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