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Smart Balls Original For Pelvic Toning

Smart Balls Original For Pelvic Toning

4.5 stars out of 5

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  • We recommend this lube with this toy.

Product information

  • Do you have bladder weakness issues? SmartBalls can really help correct and prevent bladder weakenss in women of all ages.  
  • Smart Balls are the smart option for the woman who is serious about her pelvic floor (PC) tone and her orgasm sensation.
  • SmartBalls  are silent, long lasting, ultra easy to clean and low allergenic.  
  • With regular ongoing use, SmartBalls can allow women more control during sex - giving him that extra squeeze and pulse - and stronger pelvic floor muscles also mean more intense orgasms for women! 
  • Try wearing your Smart Balls to the gym, for a long walk, during strap on sex, or out dancing for extra fun
  • If you experience difficulty holding the Smartballs in the vagina, we recommend using the SmartBall Uno
  • When you have sucessfully held the SmartBall Uno internally for at least 5 hours a day for at least 6-8 weeks, then start using SmartBalls Original as this will set your muscles up for years to come.
  • FIND OUT MORE about SmartBalls and whether you would benefit from using them.


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customer reviews

  • 5 " stars out of 5

    Smart Balls Original For Pelvic Toning ;) Great so far. Have had very slack pelvic floor muscles for a year now, even prior to having my child. Have been using Uno ball now for 5 weeks and have no trouble keeping that in place (did have originally). Today I tried the original smartballs but the bottom ball kept popping out. I have since gone back to the uno again, and my question is, how much longer should I keep using my uno for, before trying the original balls again? I remember reading to use for 1 month and swap over to next size, so I don't want my PC muscles to get lazy with the uno and then not want to take additional weight. I appreciate your advice. D.VICE replies. Whilst there is a recomended timeframe for using the Uno, this is depenedent on a few factors, such as the condition of your pelvic floor muscles, how your muscles respond to toning, and the length of time you use the Uno for each day. I reccommend you continue to use the Uno, wearing it daily for up to 8 hours (as long as it feels comfortbale). After a concentrated period of toning with the Uno (3 - 4 weeks), try again using the Orginal Smartballs and see how you go. Make sure you insert the balls as high vaginally as possible. The Uno is a great internal workout tool that you can contine to use, it will not allow your PC muscles to get lazy, as it has enouhg weight to keep toning. Many women choose to keep using the Uno during excercise, or when out and about, even after they move onto the Originals. There is quite an increase in weight with the two balls, nd keeping going with the Uno will strengthen your muscles enough to use the original... happy PC toning
    - Female. 30s. I'm new to toys.

  • 5 " stars out of 5

    Smart Balls Original For Pelvic Toning: These should be government issued to all women! :) Im in my mid 20s and am yet to have children but had quite weak muscles. so much so that if i became slightly nervous if i laughed and noticed during that time of the month i may cough or sneeze and find myself squeezing my legs together for fear of slight leakage. I was told about these at an expo and went into the PN store to check them out. I thougth what the hell and gave them a try.. My GOD! after a month using them at the gym around home and at work i noticed that my muscles are so much stronger and even my other half noticed the difference too ;) best thing i found was how easy they are to clean and look after! Im pretty pedantic about what goes 'down there' so these are perfect!i recommend them to any women that will listen..even the bf has started raving about them!Well done Dvice on finding an excellent product and the young woman in the palmy shop was fantastic to approach and talk to!
    - Female. 20s. I'm pretty savvy.

  • 2 " stars out of 5

    Smart Balls Original For Pelvic Toning. I have to say ten out of ten for the Dvice service, very polite and matter of fact. I like the fact that the Original Smart Balls are so hygienic, but I'm not happy with them for one large flaw. They are simply sized too long to comfortably fit and stay in. I'm very familiar with ben wa balls, my muscle tone is superb and weight stays in fine (even walking briskly). I used lube. I can even take the bigger girth. The issue is that the balls are larger - and *most of all* the thick connecting piece of silicone is long and only slightly bendy rather than compressing easily. This results in trouble pushing them all the way inside to stay in, and when I push them in fully the top ball is forced painfully sideways in my vagina. I am petite and haven’t had kids, but I still want something heavier to improve my orgasms and this one is not helpful. I’m not Octomom, I need something shorter! Connecting the balls with the same thin silicone strand used for the loop might work. Otherwise, I would be interested if Dvice ever stocked the stainless steel balls with no string. D.VICE replies: Thanks for your feedback. Fun Factory have manufactured the Smartballs original based on an average size. For some women this may not suit. However there is the option of trying the Smartball Uno whilst not as heavy as the Smartballs original, it is a single ball, and may suit women who find the double balls are not a comfortable fit. We'll look into the option of the stainless steel balls so do keep an eye out on the D.VICE magazine:
    - Female. 20s. I'm pretty savvy.

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tips for use

  • Apply a little waterbased lubricant prior to inserting your Smartballs
  • Wear around home initially so you get used to the senstaion and are comfortable
  • Aim to wear your Smartballs all day for a period of 6-8 weeks to provide a focused inner workout
  • Once you have regained pelvic floor strength wear a few days per fortnight for maintenance
  • The stronger your pelvic floor muscles the stronger your orgasmic response!

more product information

  • Materials: Phthalate Free, Skin friendly, 100% Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Weight: 71grams
  • Warranty: 12 Month Warranty
  • G-spot information

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