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  • Strap-it-on! Enjoy the penetrative pleasures of strap-on play

  • Strap-it-on to thighs, backs or even the seat of a motorbike!

  • Choose from leather and non-leather harness styles

strap on harnesses

  • strap on harness

    Look and feel sexy in a D.VICE strap-on harness. Comfortable and strong, our harnesses are designed for women and men of all shapes and sizes, for hands free penetrative play. Choose your silicone dildo sensational strap-on play.
    (Dildos are not included with most harness styles)


Strap it on! Comfortable strong and sexy, strap-on harnesses and dildos are designed for penetrative sex play. Whether your partner is female or male, harness and silicone dildo- strap-on play offers penetration and leaves the hands free to explore other parts of your lover's body.

D.VICE specialises in making strap-on harnesses that are comfortable, strong and fully adjustable. We use the harnesses we make ourselves and want you to have fun and sexy experiences like we do! We are committed to providing high quality harnesses from leather and non leather (vegan) fabrics. D.VICE harnesses range in size from women's size 6 (mens size XXS) to size 26 (mens size XXL). All D.VICE hanresses are fully guaranteed against faults.

So whether you prefer 'bend over boyfriend or girlfriend' we trust you will find a harness and dildo combination that will work for you. Check out the selection of quality silicone dildos to customise your pleasure...(many also made by D.VICE).
To find out more about strapping it on, check out the 'how to books' for heterosexuals and lesbians and the D.VICE magazine.


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